3 Levels of Carpet Cleaning Every Pro Should Know

What type of routine do you have in place for your carpet cleaning customers? Sure, there should be a customized plan for your different clients, but all of them will have similar methods included. There are certain aspects that should be implemented in every cleaning program you conjure up. You can use whatever type of equipment you deem necessary, whether it’s a truck mount or portable carpet cleaning machine.

A good carpet plan should consist of daily and long-term cleaning. This should include vacuuming all high traffic areas as needed. The idea of a carpet care routine is to reduce soiling and to increase the longevity of the carpets in a property. This routine can be used whether you have residential or commercial customers, or a combination of both.

There are three different levels of carpet cleaning, which are as followings.

Level One

The first level of your carpet cleaning plan should be routine cleaning. This consists of cleaning habits that should be performed daily, weekly or more regularly. This is especially important for vacuuming. The areas that need to be vacuumed consistently include:

  • Entry foyers
  • Reception areas
  • Corridors and common areas
  • Elevator cabs and lobbies

The areas that don’t require much vacuuming include:

  • Private offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Board rooms

Level Two

Interim cleaning is the second level and is highly necessary for maintaining the integrity and beauty of a carpet. This is a light clean that is done in between deep cleanings using a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine. You can use a portable carpet cleaning machine for this purpose. This is ideal for offering a quality clean without much down time for drying. The areas of focus include those that are the most exposed and prone to soiling.

Level Three

Once or twice per year, deep cleaning should take place. The methods used should clean the carpets all the way down to the padding. The frequency of these cleanings will be determined by where the carpet is located, how effective the carpet care routine is and the intensity of traffic. You can also simply read the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions. It’s best to perform deep cleaning before heavy soiling takes place. You can use a portable carpet cleaning machine for the job or one that is truck mounted. Let your customers know that they should schedule this well before soiling becomes visible.

You can browse online cleaning equipment sites to find quality portable carpet cleaning machines and commercial carpet steam cleaners.

Making House Cleaning a Breeze

Nobody wants to get bogged down by cleaning the house, the outbuildings, patios, verandahs and other spaces in and around the house all the time, but it is one of those essential tasks that need everybody’s attention.

Sometimes an ordinary cloth and feather duster may just not be enough. At such times it is good to know that Kärcher cleaning equipment is available and can take care of every cleaning task and frustration.

The brand is known the world over for its cleaning equipment which is sold in more than 60 countries. They concentrate on high-pressure machines that can remove even the most stubborn dirt particles and grime from surfaces such as cars, driveways and walls, for example.

It is ideal for use in the home where other machines may not be adequate, and also great for commercial use in big buildings to spray clean windows, for instance. They can also be used for stronger tasks such as removing layers of old paint from garden sheds or fishing boats.

Kärcher cleaning equipment has been known for a long time to be effective for most cleaning jobs – over and above their popularity to perform high-pressure cleaning tasks – in the cleaning of floors and also for their wash water treatment abilities.

One of their very popular products which can be easily used in the home and stowed away after use is the WD1 vacuum cleaner, among their range of products. It is ideal for home use and for use in and around the office. It is easy to use as an effective, strong vacuum cleaner and you can actually use it on tiles too to remove dust and dirt particles.

One of the popular Kärcher machines for home use is a smaller pressure washing machine designed specifically for the home and is used in the garden or concrete surfaces such as driveways and stoops or verandahs. This piece is normally powered by either a small petrol engine or electricity. Some of the machines can take detergents which are used in the home everyday to maximise the cleaning effect.

Depending on one’s use for one of these appliances there are a number of machines to choose from. Some are ideal for quick tasks; others are designed and manufactured with commercial and industrial use in mind. You can choose from high-pressure Kärcher cleaners, from those meant for the patio, others for general outdoor cleaning purposes, to name some.

You will find them in selected outlets, supermarkets and from retailers that concentrate on household appliances and cleaning equipment. Some cleaning companies go around using these machines to clean people’s homes and offices; however, many households have their own machines too. Some of the bigger machines are used for industrial purposes such as removing paint from cars, or blasting away dirt from gutters, roof tops and dirty corners at a property.

Kärcher machines are also advertised on the internet by companies that market household and garden appliances. They arrive at your address with all their components – you just have to follow a few very basic steps to assemble them and have them ready for immediate use.

Because there is such a great variety available, you choose the one(s) which will suit your purposes best. Online ordering is no longer intimidating and has become the preferred way to shop for many customers.

Many brands are recognised by their logos. One of the distinctive characteristics of this brand is the bright yellow colour of their products. Few people indeed who are familiar with cleaning equipment will fail to recognise the brand since the colour is so bright and specific. And of course the Kärcher name is synonymous with quality cleaning equipment not only in Germany where it originates from, but the world over.